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Post COP 21 – Interview with CNN Indonesia


Back to Indonesia, Just today we were Interview by one of most powerful Senior Journalist in Indonesia, Mrs. Desi Anwar, who was also attending COP21 in Paris last week.

cnn3It is such an opportunity for us to spread the message and tell the people especially the young generation to change their perspective about climate change and start taking action NOW!

We were talking about our Youth4Arctic project and also about the latest COP21 in Paris.

We are trying our best to spread the message about climate crisis in the world now, but what we are doing is just a small step, we need help from every single person in this world to start taking action NOW!

it is not about how big your action is, but it is more important to do a simple and small action but do it RIGHT NOW! 🙂


Interview with Klaus Milke, Chairman of GermanWatch on COP21 expectations and what to do

Nesha sat down with the Chairman of the board for Germanwatch, Klaus Milke to discuss his views on climate change and the role of the future generation in it.

(Apologies for difficult audio situation)

Youth4Artic on national TV in Indonesia !

Nov-2015-Pressconference in Jakarta with Nesha, Kevin and producer Liz Courtney (Beritasatu.com/Feriawan Hidayat)

Nov-2015-Pressconference in Jakarta with Nesha, Kevin and producer Liz Courtney (Beritasatu.com/Feriawan Hidayat)

You find reactions of the media below (in Indonesian language)…

  • see the video here: http://m.liputan6.com/tv/read/2377248/video-youth-4-artic-disuarakan-anak-muda-seluruh-dunia
  • BeritaSatu, the indonesian world broadcaster  http://www.beritasatu.com/kesra/325870-generasi-muda-wajib-peduli-ancaman-perubahan-iklim.html
  • The indonesian daily newspaper Bisnis Indonesia (Business Indonesia) reported http://kabar24.bisnis.com/read/20151127/79/496508/yayasan-peduli-bumi-dan-unboxed-bangun-kesadaran-generasi-muda
Das Team ist nach 8 Stunden Rundflug über Südgrönland wieder am Ausgangspunkt Nuuk zurück. Die Maschine konnte wegen schlechter Sicht nirgends sicher landen