Education and Schools

Cooperative storytelling is allowing a fundamentally new learning experience for engaged storytellers between 5 and 25 years. Pilot projects have proven the huge competence building power of filmmaking on complex issues. With the youth4planet Storymaker app (planned to operational for the Climate Conference in Bonn, Germany staring in November 2017) for easy use in classroom settings as well as Habitat Hubs the users immerse into a topic in a playful, self-motivating and engaging way. Teachers will learn to enjoy their new role as facilitators.

Simplicity is key:

  • MAKER tool for researching, creating & shooting powerful stories
  • INTERCOM tool for easy chatting, feedback and worldwide cooperation in a trusted community
  • LAB tool for knowledge, archive, footage, publishing
  • ACTIVATOR tool to start a change challenge, run a film festival,
    vote for solutions and earn points for achievements

Schools and universities are invited to participate in a worldwide learning and exchange community based advanced learning techniques. Members share online resources, subscribe to youth exchanges, film contests, job orientation labs, train-the-trainer courses, webinars, eLearning and more.

shutterstock_193493927In 2015 Youth4Plant is working with engagend teenagers from UNESCO-Schools to develop this Programm with them.


If you would like to take part and your school is not yet part of the Youth4Planet network, please contact us!

YOUTH4ARCTIC 2016 is designed to reach a global YOUTH audience and will become an interactive global education tool.

During and after the expedition in 2016 mobile apps will allow a live experience of the earthTeam and the content they produce.

All events and challenges will be supported by teams of teachers and students from UNESCO-Schools to create and provide footage (images, videos, Q&A) to share with other schools.