Youth 4 Arctic 2016

001Youth storytelling opportunities 2017

Are you an explorer?

Are you passionately curious about the world,

Its animals, habitats, people and future?

In December 2017, the search will begin in countries around the world to find 12-15 YOUNG PEOPLE to form the earthTeam 2018.
Successful young achievers in sports, art, the community and academia will be chosen to represent Asia, Latinamerica, Australia, Africa and Europe.

Each participating country will conduct a search for their “earthTeam” representatives until February 2018. You want to participate and your country is not yet participating? Let us know and we try to help you! A shortlist will be provided to the production team who will undertake screen tests in early March 2018. A final list of selected “earthTeam” members will start their team building process in April 2018.

002Amazonia 2017/18


15 Pre Training

Each team member will get mentoring and support from Youth4Planet, participate in a team training, a fitness training and attend their local zoo for eco-system education.
They will prepare their research topics by creating at least one film or web storyline. They have proven to be strong storytellers.


The Expedition


003Expedition planned for 2018


We are currently developing a youth4planet camp in the Amazon jungle, in cooperation with the IKIAM University, Ecuador and the indigenous communities next to the Colonso Reserve. Please come back for more information later.

004earthTeam Profiler

2041 Memory Stick  2010-43Today’s generation of teenagers will face some of the world’s most critical decisions for the planet’s survival, and the survival of future generations. Click here to download “earthTeam profile”