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Greetings from the Yout4Planet  – Indonesia team!

Climate change has caused our world to suffer energy imbalances and we have seen global temperatures changes where certain areas gain or lose heat extremely.
We are so excited that this year we will send two Indonesian youth to the Arctic to join a global youth expedition team to observe, learn and to experience on climate change, environment and animal habitats.
Coming back, they will be our Indonesian Climate Change Youth Champions that will share their experiences and help to motivate our communities to reduce their carbon footprint.
You can find out more on this program and how you can participate in this site.
Together let us Care for Our World and make it a better place for our generations to come.

Meet The Selection Commitee

Sugianto Tandio
Ananda Mustadjab Latip
Sri Bebassari
Barlianny Suryatenggara
Agus Tjokro

Congratulations to the Top 20 Finalists based on the Indonesian Juries Selection Team!

Congratulation for the Top 20 Finalists!

1. Agung Bimo Listyanu , 23 years old.


Agung is a fresh graduate from Institut Teknologi, Bandung, majoring Geophysical Engineering.  He has numerous leadership experiences both in Indonesia and abroad.  He was the President of AIESEC , Bandung, in 2013 – 2014.  He is a modest Javanese young man, who has big dream of developing sustainable energy through people in Indonesia.  He loves to travel, playing guitar and singing.  His essay focusing in the rising temperature which will create dramatic effect in our society, which among others are mass wildlife migration, flooding, stormy damage, etc.

2. Aryanda Ondrio, 22 years old.


Arya is a student at University of Indonesia, he is in 6th semester now.  He has been awarded various award both in Indonesia and abroad in environment and climate issue.  He is a confident, resourceful and proactive person. He won HiLo Green Ambassador 2013.  His essay conclude that Lilly Water is the cause of flood in Jakarta.  He is also trying to attract the suburban peoples to be aware of environment issue by producing handmade products such as sandals, bags, etc.

3. Bellinda Erawaty – 18 years old


Bellinda study at IBMT International University, Surabaya. She is in her 6th semester now. She has been leading many events in and outside campus, she is an outdoor type of girl, energetic, adventurous, physically strong  and she has been traveling  to many different countries, as Young Delegates from her campus/school but she is also good in public speaking, debate.  She also exercising wall-climbing and boxing. She has a strong attention towards climate change issue , water and air pollution.

4. Casandra Hapsari, 19 years old


Casandra is a student of Sriwijaya University,Palembang.  She is in her 6th semester now.  She has various leadership experience since her high school. She also a Green Peace and WWF activist.  She is a multi-talented student who loves nature, environment and animals. She loves to draw, painting and handycrafting too. Her essay shows that our Government’s role plays a big deal in managing the climate change issue. Rule and law will be obeyed by the citizens, without rule and law, we are only talking out loud without something real to be occur.  Developing a renewable energy , for example by building a power plant using the ocean current energy, it’s worth trying, since Indonesia is an archipelago country with large ocean capacity to explore.

5. Claudia Natalica, 21 years old


Claudia is in her 1st year in Surya University, majoring in Biotechnology & Neuroscience.  She has various leadership experiences earlier such as President of Biology Club throughout High School in Indonesia (2010 – 2012), she also joined Foreign Exchange Student from Indonesia to USA in KL-YES exchange program in 2012 – 2013.  She is also a participant in Civic Education workshop held by American Council, Washington DC.  She is a smart young lady with many achievements, but also very humble and modest. Her essay say about many thing that she had been doing since her childhood back in her hometown, Riau.  Her parents grew their own plants, flowers, and veggies. She ran the greenhouse in High School along with her friends from Biology Club.   Her favorite old saying “We have not inherited the earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children” ( Native American old saying)

6. Dian Widayanti – 23 years old


Dian currently studying in Universitas Indonesia, pursuing her Master Engineering degree in Industrial Engineering Department.  She is a hard-worker, smart  and communicative person. She has been involved in some organizations both in and outside campus.  She has academic and non –academic achievement in balance.  Her essay shows her education background in Engineering gives some interesting idea in how a regenerative braking technology used in MRT ( Mass Rapid Transit) will help to regenerate energy used in the rolling stock which will create a better and an environmental-friendly energy usage overall.

7. Fidiyanti Febrina, 22 years old


Fidiyanti is studying at Institut Teknologi bandung, Faculty of Earth,Sciene & Technology, in her 4th semester now.  She has been actively involved in various organization since her Junior High School. She also had won various competition, such as Grand Prix Marching Band, Dean List award from Geological Engineering, ITB.  She is a social person who loves to make friends, she also loves sports, and since she study in Geological Engineering, she spend much time doing outdoor activities, exploring mountains, forests, rivers. Her essay is telling us to be aware of our ever increasing fossil fuel consumption which automatically increasing the green house gases from its combustion.  By starting decreasing the use of fossil fuel, there might be chance to reduce the climate change.

8. Jessica Chandra Sutanto – 16 years old


Jessica is a young  teenager who study in Intan Permata Hati West, Surabaya, she is in her 11th grade now. She is a discipline, intelligent, fast learner, and high perseverance, very creative kind of girl.  She is a student Council President, Leader in Bible Study Group, and also a Group Leader in Training Camp.  She also plays guitar and piano.  For as young as her age, she already shown serious attention towards climate change issue.  She has specific interest in the population of polar bears that has been decreasing , and it would be possible that within the next 20 years time, polar bears will eventually extinct and our children might just have the opportunity seeing them in our museum.

9. Larasati Purnomo, 22 years old


Larasati is studying at Institut Teknologi Bandung, in her 4th semester now. Currently she is the President of Industrial Design Student Society ( INDDES) ITB with 450 members who leading two eco-project internationally.  She is also a member of Young Engineer & Scientist (YESS) Summit 2014 and been as Indonesian delegation for Hope & Dreams Project in Indonesia, Phillippines , Thailand & Japan for creative disaster education.  She is a creative person who loves adventure, drawing and diving. She aims to be a n environmental designer, designing sustainable product that will give positive impact to the world.

10. Margianta SDJ, 20 years old


Margianta is a student at Paramadina University, majoring International relations, in 4th semester.  He has joined student council as Vice President, and other school organizations.  He has special interest in environmental issues, since he joined a discussion in Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior, later found that there is relation between environmental issues and political issues in a country.  His hobbies are reading, writing, watching movies.

11. Mia Oenoto- 20 years old


Mia study at Xi’an Jiao Tong Liverpool University, Suzhou, China.  She is in her 4th semester now.  She is an enthusiastic, independent, creative, meticulous and reliable person.  She also has various leadership experience both in and outside campus.  She has been a Youth Delegate of Indonesia in the various Environment & Climate Change Conferences abroad.  Her essay showing a thorough examination towards human’s efforts in fulfilling their needs, desires and lifestyles which eventually may bring towards the final extinction of humanity and all living organisms well being.

12. Muhammad Nur Pratama, 19 years old.

Muhammad Nur

Nur is a student at Institut Teknologi Bandung, majoring in Electrical Engineering, he is in 6th semester.  He has been actively pioneering a bike to school community since high school.  He had been attending both environmental & climate change conferences abroad, which are COP 16 in Cancun,Mexico, The Climate Reality Project Presenter, and COP 17 in Durban, South Africa.  He loves cycling, running and soccer, and badminton.  His essay tell that young generation need to do something meaningful action on climate change starting to save electricity, recycle , planting trees etc.

13. Muhammad Carlos, 19 years old

Muhammad Carlos

Carlos is a freshman in President University. He is an innovative, visionary and out-of-the box individual with strong enthusiasm in environmental protection, education and economic disparity.  He has various leadership experiences both in Indonesia and abroad.  He also active in environment & climate change activities such as the initiator of waste paper drop box at SMAN 1, Mataram. His hobbies are writing, reading, traveling and singing.  His essay says about the serious impact of climate change starting from earth’s temperature rising each year, major natural disaster around globe, etc. He will urge the importance to reduce the carbon emission by using public transportation for example.

14. Nabila Haruna, 18 years old.


Nabilah is a High School Student, in her XI level now.  She is a passionate, brave and love challenges type of girl.  She like traveling and racing motorcycle.  She has various leadership experiences such as President of Young English Conversation Society in her Junior High School, and lots other activities.  Her essay tell about the seriousness of climate change effect that most people take it for granted.  She mention about burning garbage would produce harmful gases, i.e, methane, ammonia, etc. this gasses will make our ozone layer getting thinner and thus rising temperature inevitably occurs.

15. Nadia Syifa, 18 years old

Nadia is a young lady ,18 years old, from SMAN 61, Jakarta.  She has many experiences in Indonesia and abroad conferences, such as  joining Asia-Pacific summit in JCC, COD UNFCCC 17 in South Africa.   In  Indonesia climate change education and expo she has to mentor over 150 schools and be speaker and master of ceremonies in several events. She loves to meet new peoples and like new challenge.  Her essays tell about 5 ( five) points differently that climate change will effecting our live overall ,among others in our health, our education, our economic, our politics, and technology.

16. Nesha K.Ichida, 19 years old


Nesha is a student in Open University UK, majoring in Natural Science.  She has been involved in numerous volunteering programs around Indonesia, such as taking care of wildlife rehab centers in North Sulawesi , Java and Bali.  She has strong interest in nature, environment and she aims to be a Marine Scientist.  She won Darwin scholar by the Field Studies Council in the UK , to join their program about monitoring and communicating biodiversity.  She loves to travel, photography and diving..Her essay tell about that she representing younger generation has to make a change to obtain a secure future by educating young generation on how to take care our planet.

17. Ranitya Nurlita, 23 years old.


Ranitya Nurlita is a student of Aquatic Resources Management, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). She has a dream becoming an Environmentalist and also Eco-preneur. Ranitya has a big interest in global environmental issues, climate change, and high commitment in sustainable initiatives since 5 years ago by joining extracurricular activities. She has won numerous awards  both in Indonesia and abroad. Now she active as a student, Head of HiLo Green Community Bogor, Founder of the “FISH.CO” Project, Project Leader of ASEAN Reusable Bag Campaign in Indonesia (Bogor, Bandung, Aceh, Jakarta, Makassar), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), and the Philippines (Davao City), and Jakarta Coordinator Batik Girl Project.

18. Ririn Prameswari, 25 years old


Ririn has graduated from IPB, Bogor in 2013, majoring in Marine Science & Technology. She currently work at PT.Nutrifood Indonesia.  Ririn is a dynamic, curious, adventurous person who loves nature, and water sport.  She has accepted  award as the Best Delegation in International Youth Summit on Energy & Climate Change by Tong Ji University & BAYER, China.  She also has various experiences as Master of Ceremony, Moderator, Creator of various events.  Her organization experiences are in International Association of Student in Agriculture & Related Science, and as Manager Outgoing Exchange in AIESEC. She is also a Department of Marine Acoustic in Himpunan Mahasiswa Ilmu dan Teknologi Kelautan.  Her essay tells about that we human are the main factor in destructing our environment, many people are rely on natural resources for their income, and the more they explore the nature, the more destruction it will make.

19. Syafitri Firmanputri, 19 years old.

Syafitri is studying at Padjadjaran University, Bandung, majoring Biology.  She is in her 6th semester now.  She has been showing her leadership skills in many activities back in Junior High School and until recently she was selected to delegate her University to Japan for Sakura Science Project.  She loves nature very much and been doing some extensive research in Ujung Kulon and Karimun Jawa National Park.  Her essay tells about the green house effect that will eventually hazardous to all human kind and living creatures.  She trusts that the sooner people realize and would try to keep our forest from destruction, there might be still opportunity to keep a better future.

20. Yohanes Kevin Hendrawan, 23 years old


Kevin  is a fresh graduate from STP Nusa Dua Bali, majoring in Tourism.  He has been actively involved in various leadership experience since in Junior High School.  He won L-Men of the year 2014, a Top 20 MTV VJ Hunt finalist in 2014, a Former MNC Health & Beauty presenter.  He has numerous environmental  activities such as tree planting together with Hilo Green Community,  Car-free day clean-up together with L-Men health community, 60+ Earth hour Community program, Beach clean-up bi-weekly activities together with campus member,supporting green environment at the Four Seasons. He is an enthusiastic,cooperative, curious and fun kind of person who eager to travel around the world to learn new things in life. His essay show his interest in Eco-tourism which will encourage tourism activities which will gives positive environmental effects, social , cultural and economic contribution to both tourist destination and the local community as well.

Winners and Runner-ups:

After the Indonesian juries selected top 20 finalists, taking some inputs from the Indonesian Juries Selection Team and of interview via web camera, the Unboxed Media Australia production team finally selected the 2 winners and 2 runner ups.

Winners are:

  1. Nesha Ichida
  2. Kevin Hendrawan

Runner Ups are:

  1. Mia Oenoto
  2. Muhammad Carlos

Congratulations! We will be contacting the winners in order to arrange schedule for medical check-up, training, and any other preparations.

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Key Contact

Ananda Mustadjab Latip


Our Panel of Judges


Dr.Dieny has earned her Master degree in Psychology from University of Indonesia in 1990. Her research interests are in educational psychology for early childhood education to adulthood education and goes through senior age education category. Dr.Dieny has been serving as one of the Early Childhood Education curriculum maker team in the Indonesian Ministry of Education 7 Culture since 2012 – now; she is serving as the Vice President of Yayasan Psikologi Indonesia (YPUI) since 2012 – now, and actively involves in various teaching for psychology bachelor & master degree classes in University of Indonesia. She also has an experience as an adjunct Professor in Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences University of Queensland Australia.

Dr. Dieny also has a very wide experience in dealing with human relation issues, being one of the juries in various prestigious competitions; she also is a senior trainer and speaker for topics related to self-development, character building and service excellence for various national and international companies. She received Satya Lencana Karya for her 20 years of dedication in education from the Indonesian President.



Dr.Hasroel Thayib is a senior expert in environmental issues. He graduated from University of Indonesia majoring in Agriculture for his B.Sc. and took up another B.Sc. degree from Gadjah Mada University majoring in Agriculture both for his B.Sc. and M.Sc. and earned his Ph.D. degree in Agro-ecology also in Gadjah Mada University. Dr.Hasroel is actively lecturing in many universities, in Environmental & Industrial Health Technology, also in Ecology and Management of Natural Resources and presently in National Atomic and Energy Agency of Indonesia. He is a Professor Research Methodology in the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planology at the Indonesia Institute of Technology.

Dr.Hasroel has a wide experience as a researcher and expert for environmental impacts analysis and many other topics pertaining to environmental issues. He is also actively involves Biologist Association, Entomological and Oceanology Society, Nature, Nuclear Biology and Nuclear Medicine and Bio-teen research and development.




Dr. Mardi Wu, MBA earned his doctoral degree in Research in Management from Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta, Indonesia with magna cum laude. Previously, Dr. Mardi Wu obtained his Master of Science in Industrial Administration (MBA) from Krammert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA (cum laude), and bachelor degree in Food Technology and Human Nutrition (cum laude) from Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor, Indonesia. Since 1st of January 2009, Dr. Mardi Wu has been working as President Director (CEO) of Nutrifood Indonesia, one of the major local companies in functional food, known for its premium brand such as Tropicana Slim, HiLo, NutriSari, L-Men, WRP, NutriSari W’dank, and Tropicana Slim Alergon. SWA Magazine has awarded him as one of the Top 10 Best CEOs in 2013. Traveling around the world is one of his favorite hobbies in addition to reading and teaching.  He has traveled for more than 40 countries in the world including in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and America. Recently, Dr. Mardi Wu has just visited Svalbard Island, a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, the northernmost permanent residence in the world, located in 78o North Latitude. Not only visiting the breezing part of the world, Dr. Mardi also has traveled to Sahara Desert, which is the largest subtropical hot desert.



Dr.Mari E. Mulyani completed her Doctor of Philosophy (D.Phil) from the School of Geography and the Environment at the University of Oxford in 2014. She completed her Master Degree in 2004 with cum laude with the highest scores in the program of the Environmental Sciences from the University of Indonesia. In 1995, she graduated with cum laude in International Relations undergraduate studies at Gadjah Mada University Indonesia.

Dr.Mari is engaged by the University of Indonesia, Environmental Science Program of Study (Program Studi Ilmu Lingkungan), to develop a module on a ‘policy dialogue’ lecture series;she was also part of the Conservation Governance Lab, an interdisciplinary research group within the Oxford University School of Geography & the Environment.

During her study, she earned several awards from the Government of Indonesia; several times she represented Indonesia in youth exchange programs.In the earlier working period,she was a reporter and anchor for a local radio station and BBC, and she also been an Executive Director for 10 years for a conglomerate Indonesian company and also German company.

Dr. Mari co-authored the book ‘Global Climate Change’ with Professor Sutamihardja (former Vice Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 1997-2007). She has published books and conference papers on environmental science and social issues both national and international arena.

Dr.Mari also actively involved in promoting the principles of social responsibility, whether in the value that can benefit corporations or within the community at large. Her many activities include establishing a school and scholarship program for children disenfranchised from the Government of Indonesia’s school system. She also wrote many kinds of publication pertaining with environmental issues.




Linawaty Mustopoh, B. Psych is graduated from Faculty of Psychology of University of Indonesia. She possesses more than fifteen years’ experience as Consultant. Results-oriented and high-energy, with proven track record of directing project team, especially in handling selection and assessment center and facilitating assessment related training, and managing client relationship.

Ms. Mustopoh is qualified to handle psychological assessment and assessment center for selection, promotion and mapping purpose, for participants ranging from entry level to executive level (local or expatriate candidate/participant), for national and multinational company, such as Danone Aqua, Carrefour, Nestle, Coca Cola Bottling, Chevron, Conoco Philips, United Tractors, Commonwealth Life, etc. She is certified in Targeted Selection interview, assessment center and Hogan assessment.

In her numerous professional proficiencies, Ms. Mustopoh is a principal consultant in project management and design, selection and assessment related training, research and consultations.

She has a Diploma from School of Letters – Chinese Language, Faculty of Humanities of University of Indonesia.