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We are proud to be part of Youth4Planet and to send Singaporean youths to the High Arctic 2016 for an exciting learning journey. They will spend their time to learn from the scientists and experience first-hand on climate change and disappearing animal habitats.

We hope that these youths will become future Climate Change Champions when they returned and will help to motivate local communities to reduce their carbon emissions.

002How to Apply

Please fill out the form below to apply to become a Green Ambassador to represent Singapore and join the Youth March For The Arctic team for a 3 weeks expedition in the High Arctic in 2016.

We welcome applications from all Singapore Citizens, between the ages of 16 and 21 years old, who has great passion for the environment and able to present themselves well in front of the camera. An application form does not commit you to the expedition, but is the first stage in the process to join the team!

Application process open

By contacting us you agree to receiving occasional newsletters keeping you updated with Secret Compass news, if you do not wish to receive a newsletter, please inform us in the message.

Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further interviews and casting.

006Singapore Committee

Michael Ma

Singapore – Youth4pplanet committee

Michael Ma is an active environmentalist, who has built up a huge lifestyle empire, IndoChine Bar & Restaurant Group, which spans six countries and comprises more than 26 restaurants, bistros, bars, clubs and even a beach resort in Phuket. Each year Mike hosts IndoChine Green Week in Singapore, bringing together the very best in environment, sustainability, renewable energy, science and technology to share their innovative concepts, experiences and to provide thought leadership across Asia.

Lauren Ho
Jonn Lu

Jonn read Economics & Political Science at Columbia University. A serial entrepreneur, he has been involved with technology start-ups, venture capital / angel funding, brand and management consultancy. In 2004, he pursued a personal interest in documentary filmmaking, attaining an MFA. He directs and produces content focused on social concerns and marine-related issues.

Melissa Chong

Melissa is a former environmental reporter with Channel NewsAsia and graduate from the London School of Economics. She learnt first-hand from her stint at a disaster relief agency that climate change is likely to be the biggest threat facing humanity, and aspires to lead her peers from Gen X & Y to fight this battle.

Xavier Moy
Terence Hong

When Terrence Hong, Chief Business Officer of Asiawide Print Holdings, just graduated from University in UK back in 2007 and was on the verge of signing an employment contract with British Telecom, his family called him home. Coming home to a traditional business model, in a so-called “sunset industry”, the challenges were immense. Not only did he have to implement changes to the outmoded systems in the face of resistance, but he had to think of new innovations to turn around a fading industry, and all this at the tender age of 27 years old when he began.

007Key Contact

Key contacts:
Singapore: Irene Seah, The Indochine Group
Tel: +65 6323 2763      Fax: +65 6323 2417