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Our common humanity

On boarding our flight in Nuuk yesterday morning, we noticed a small face peering through the circular plane window. She was a sweet little girl – most likely two years old – travelling with her mother to Kangerlussuaq.

During take off, the little girl burst into tears. She was terrified of the fast propellers on each side of the small 30-seater aircraft. In her state of fear and distress, I showed her some pictures on my phone and she began to relax. I found out her name was Livi.

Livi is an indigenous person, or ‘Inuit’, of Greenland. She didn’t speak any English (and I can’t speak a word of Greenlandic!), but we ended up playing for over an hour. Livi’s fear completely dissolved once we began playing games.

It’s experiences like this that remind me of our common humanity – the desire we all share to be happy and connected, and live free from fear and suffering. Meeting Livi also reminded me of the reason we are on this trip. Addressing climate change is a responsibility shared by people of all ages and nationalities, and a challenge we can only overcome by working together. Through recognising our shared humanity, we can dissolve cultural barriers and unite to create the kind of world we want to live in.

Because at the end the day, no matter where you come from or what language you speak, we all seek to live safe, happy and free lives – and tackling our climate crisis is fundamental in fulfilling that desire.

The arctic is..?

Arriving in the arctic. What do each of the earthTeam members say about it? Also we met Jason Box.

Day 2: The Hills

Nesha, Delphine and Kalinda

When reading the posts from my fellow travellers you might notice that we had some (and today even worse than yesterday) problems with landing at our destination again. That’s why we are in Nuuk for one more day.

After the arrival we felt the need to get some fresh air so we decided to go for a hike up a hill next to the airport. The view was amazing and totally different from what I’ve seen before. The hill is made up of granite which gives it the special layered look. Moss and plants which are adaptable to the cold climate dominate the surface. Only the runway is separating the hill from the open sea, where we were able to see our first few icebergs, although they were very small.

On our way up the hill, whilst enjoying the amazing view and serenity, I felt very connected to nature and touched by it’s beauty. I can also feel  that the fresh arctic air was very good for my lungs as my coughing got better.

Day 1: Let the journey to the arctic region begin!


Two days of preparation in Hamburg are behind us. Finally we met the whole team and all of our earthTeamMembers (Kevin, Delphine, Kalinda, Nesha & Thomas) in Copenhagen to give the final start for Youth4Arctic 2015.

After a quick breakfast in the hotel, we rushed to the airport for our 9 am flight from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq/Greenland. It took us about 4 hours and we crossed 4 timezones, so we arrived at 9 am again. We took a walk around town and visited the museum about the military history of Kangerlussuaq. Even though it was cold, it was very nice to walk around with fresh air surrounding us. Kangerlussuaq is located right on the Arctic circle, and we noticed that there was still vegetation around us. Since the arctic circle follows the tree line, it was interesting to see that there is still bush vegetation on the arctic circle.

We had a local free range organic cage free muskox burger for lunch. Unfortunately our plane that was expected to depart at 1:20 pm, got delayed for more than 4 hours. This gave us some time to brainstorm about the project. Finally, we left Kangerlussuaq around 4:30 pm. The expected journey was about 45 minutes, but it went up to nearly 3 hours because we could not land directly due to the fog above Nuuk. Plane rides to Nuuk often have this problem because the fog is kinda normal for that area due to the high moisture wind coming from the sea.


After our arrival in Nuuk at around 7 pm we checked in at the hotel. That wraps up the day, we’re going to get some rest now and we shall continue the story tomorrow.


written by Nesha and Delphine

In Hamburg we get on the train to the airport

The earthTeam and youth4Planet-Team in front of the hamburg main trainstation just before we leave to the hamburg airport to fly over copenhagen  to greenland! We are very exicited what we’ll see and experience in the next 10 days!

From left to right: Verena Winkler (coordinator y4p), Kevin Hendrawan (earthTeam), Nesha Ichida (earthTeam), Delphine Zacharias (earthTeam), Joerg Altekruse (Producer) and Thomas King (earthTeam)

Hamburg train station youth4planet team

Youth4planet our aims and vision

2041 Memory Stick  2010-43

The project was born in the idea of enabling youth to directly confront themselves with climate change and visit locations which are critical for the global climate. Since not everybody can visit the artic – this would place a burden to the ecosystem of the arctic – the earthteam – a group of young people from different regions in the world – share and report via social media devices  more or less live about what they see and experience on their journey at this website and via social media channels.   The idea behind youth4planet:   it is today’s youth, that will one day has to live under the consequences our modern lifestyle today creates. To understand that the risks and hazards are already part of todays reality, but also to grasp the beauty of uniqueness of the ecosystem, it is necessary to see it with your own eyes.

We are not only criticizing the current state or showing some terrific pictures. We want to create hope and show what is being done and can be done about preserving the ecosystem. We bring the Earthteam members and discussants at this website together i.a. with scientiest and other professionals to help further the understanding and find solutions for preservation of the ecosystem. We are building an education program connected with UNESCO-Schools. We take the internet as a chance to give the international youth a platform where they can participate and get active. We claim that the issue is far more complex than just reducing CO2, the crucial factor is way of living, our productions, our consumption and the global economy with its need of resources. We won’t blame, but we want to look closly at the different causes and consequences and try to get a deep understanding with the help of scientists and and other professionals and activists and enable the youth to find own solutions.

Hello everybody!


Hello everybody and welcome to our fresh released homepage!

Thanks for stopping by and participating on the upcoming trip from an international group of youths exploring the arctic – the so called earthteam! The team engages on-sight in environmentalism and challenge the issues and causes that result in climate change and let you participate every day with commentaries and video diaries uploaded directly to the internet.

The homepage is updated during the expedition on a high routine. Several groups of persons are working constantly on selecting the content for publishing. You can find in the upper tiles new updated blog articles, a blog of our allied UN-School Class from Hamburg and our sponsors. Beneath the tiles you will find more interesting articles, sorted by the release date. Every author has its own profile, so if you click on the author’s name in an article or type his name in the search field, you’ll arrive at his_her personal site. There is also a link on the lower front page where you find all earthteam members.

You will also find links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rss feed on the upper right side of the page. On the lower right side there is a news column with tweets, links to the homepage categories, archives and the tag cloud. If you scroll at the bottom of the page you find all sponsors and supporters of youth4planet.

Over time we will implement some thrilling features, like the ‘challenge of the day’ events, where every day a new challenge will be posted. These challenges will include small actions for everyone to reduce his_her CO2 level or quiz-questions related to climate change. Furthermore there will be a twitter action ‘ichangeview4change’ aiming to get interested people to involve and sensitize more people for climate related problems and solutions.

The youth4planet team at work

Just to give you a little insight in the development process of the project: That’s how it looks like when we have a meeting with the youth4planet team in Hamburg / Germany (Not on the foto is Joerg Altekruse who’s taking the picture and is the actual producer) 🙂


Watch the trailer

Our planet is changing rapidly

… and the arctic is a symbol for it!

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