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Hello everybody!


Hello everybody and welcome to our fresh released homepage!

Thanks for stopping by and participating on the upcoming trip from an international group of youths exploring the arctic – the so called earthteam! The team engages on-sight in environmentalism and challenge the issues and causes that result in climate change and let you participate every day with commentaries and video diaries uploaded directly to the internet.

The homepage is updated during the expedition on a high routine. Several groups of persons are working constantly on selecting the content for publishing. You can find in the upper tiles new updated blog articles, a blog of our allied UN-School Class from Hamburg and our sponsors. Beneath the tiles you will find more interesting articles, sorted by the release date. Every author has its own profile, so if you click on the author’s name in an article or type his name in the search field, you’ll arrive at his_her personal site. There is also a link on the lower front page where you find all earthteam members.

You will also find links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rss feed on the upper right side of the page. On the lower right side there is a news column with tweets, links to the homepage categories, archives and the tag cloud. If you scroll at the bottom of the page you find all sponsors and supporters of youth4planet.

Over time we will implement some thrilling features, like the ‘challenge of the day’ events, where every day a new challenge will be posted. These challenges will include small actions for everyone to reduce his_her CO2 level or quiz-questions related to climate change. Furthermore there will be a twitter action ‘ichangeview4change’ aiming to get interested people to involve and sensitize more people for climate related problems and solutions.