The Production Team

Liz Courtney

Founder, producer, film director, social entrepreneur



Series Director/Producer and Managing Director of Unboxed Media,  Liz Courtney has a passion for environmental films and has spent the last 5 years directing films relating to this subject matter including Cool School AntarcticaThe Tipping Points series, Earth’s Survival in consultation with the IPCC. The Tipping Points became a major series, involving 8 broadcasters, three different languages exploring the key tipping points in our climate system on all continents – being broadcast in more than 55 countries.

On a more personal level Liz says she is just an ordinary mum who dared to have a dream to create programs that could bring attention to this alarming situation. She has made over 40 documentaries, but says an expedition to Antarctica was a life changing experience which further fueled the development of this global series.

Liz hopes the series will propel people to think more about how the climate system is all connected and that no matter where you live, you will not escape the changes as the system becomes more unstable this century. Having lived in the Amazon, the Greenland Ice-sheet, traveled across Alaska, Oceania, India, she has seen with her own eyes what the scientists on the ground are recording. Now she hopes this will be persuasive new information to bring fresh debate to what she believes is the most important subject of this century – “what is happening to our climate system”. Creating a science in action style adventure series was her vision to bring a fresh approach to a subject that has reigned debate over the last 20 years and seen little change on a government or big business level.



Joerg Altekruse

Founder, producer, film director, social entrepreneur, president of youth4planet e.V.


Joerg started his career as a documentary film author, director and tv producer as well as media artist focusing on environmental themes, sustainable technologies and social change. He has created and produced numerous films and spots at the nexus of history, culture and science, and has an oustanding record as media adviser and campaign developer for public and private ventures.

Now he brings all his lifetime experience to the table to create youth4planet as a bottom up platform for storytelling about the Earth, for public and private engagement inspiring young people between 5 and 25 to be curious, courageous and inquisitive about their future. Climate change is there to stay, and this generation will have to guide us through the cliffs of change. We better help them to become good artists, scientists, engineers, politicians or whatever their jobs will be, create businesses -and together find solutions for our survival on this planet.



P.S. Activities include the feature doc FREE SPEECH FEAR FREE, the tv series TIPPING POINTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE, the tv geopolitical film BOLIVARs DREAM, in cooperation with WDR / ARTE 2012 – 2014. CHILDRENS RIGHTS, concept, development, intermedia and iBook production in cooperation with German government agencies, 2012-2014, SHIBUSA SHIRAZU ORCHESTRA. Portrait of the famous Japanese jazz and performance ensemble and its leader Daisuke Fuwa, Tokyo. 45/60 min. SUSTAINABLE BULDING PRACTISES. A multimedia and film project for the German education system, global sculpture, concert and web art project, HANNIBALS ELEPHANTS exploring leadership in the antique. BILL GATES PROGRAMMING THE WORLD, portrait of an industry leader. HARRY AND THE OZONE LAYER, about the implementation of the CFC-free refrigerator. CLOUDS OVER LAKE BAYKAL, about the soul of world’s biggest freshwater lake in Siberia and its people.

Steve Burns

Consulting Producer USA


Executive Producer WNET- PBS, Managing Director and Producer Roller Coaster Road Production Currently, Steve Burns is Executive Producer/ Consultant of WNET’s long-running Secrets of the Dead series for PBS. He is also Managing Director for Roller Coaster Road Productions, a media company producing programs for networks and the web worldwide. His career spans more than 25 years from National Geographic cinematographer/ producer to senior executive positions at Discovery Networks, returning to National Geographic as Executive Vice President of Global Content for NGC worldwide. Recent programming highlights include: Cosmic Shore for NHK/NOVA, Dad’s On Ice for Nat Geo Wild, Brain Games, Great Migrations, Inside the Vietnam War, Untamed Americas, Bush 9/11 Interview. Prior to joining NGC, Burns served as Executive Vice President and Chief Science Editor at Discovery Networks, responsible for nearly 2,000 hours of programming per year across 10 Discovery nets. Programming highlights: Titanic Live, Behind the Terror, 100 Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye, Unsolved History, The Ultimate Guide, Raising the Mammoth. From 2003 to 2005, Burns was Senior Vice President and General Manager of The Science Channel. He has won multiple industry awards, including two Emmys for 5 Years on Mars and Spirit of the Rainforest. His teams have been nominated for two Academy Awards, over 200 Emmy nominations, including dozens of wins, and two Peabody Awards

Recent work by the Team

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